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Christopher Reeve
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Christopher Reeve


: 25 September 1952


: Libra


: 10 October 2004


: 52 years


  • Christopher D'Olier Reeve was an American actor, film director, producer, screenwriter, author, and activist
When was Christopher Reeve born?25 September 1952
When did Christopher Reeve die? / Died10 October 2004
How many years did Christopher Reeve live? / Lived52 years
Zodiac sign:Libra

 Christopher Reeve facts

  • He achieved stardom for his acting achievements, in particular his motion picture portrayal of the comic book superhero Superman
  • Reeve appeared in other critically acclaimed films such as Street Smart (1987) and The Remains of the Day (1993)
  • He received a Golden Globe nomination for his performance in the television remake of Rear Window (1998)
  • On May 27, 1995, Reeve became a quadriplegic after being thrown from a horse during an equestrian competition in Culpeper, Virginia
  • He was confined to a wheelchair and required a portable ventilator for the rest of his life
  • He lobbied on behalf of people with spinal cord injuries and for human embryonic stem cell research, founding the Christopher Reeve Foundation and co-founding the Reeve-Irvine Research Center

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