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China Machado
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China Machado Wiki
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25 December 1929
Shanghai, China
Lived: 86 years
Died: 18 December 2016

 China Machado wiki   

  • Fashion model, an editor and television producer

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Real name:Noelie Dasouza Machado / Noelie de Souza Machado
When was China Machado born? / Birthday25 December 1929
When did China Machado die? / Died18 December 2016
How many years did China Machado live? / Lived86 years
Where was China Machado born? / BirthplaceShanghai, China
Where did China Machado die? / Deathplace Stony Brook University Hospital, Brookhaven, New York, US
Zodiac sign:Capricorn
Related celebs:Martin LaSalle, Oleg Cassini
Ethnicity:Portuguese father, Chinese mother
Hair color:Black
Eyes color:Black

 Who is China Machado? (Facts)   

  • She was born on Christmas Day 1929
  • She started modeling in Paris - for Hubert de Givenchy and Balenciaga
  • She came to New York in 1958 (helped by Oleg Cassini)
  • She was the first non-white person who appeared on the cover of a major American fashion magazine, in the February 1959 (Harper’s Bazaar)

Source: Wikipedia, social media accounts, users content. Last update: 21 December 2016
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