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Chase Carter
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: 10 June 1997


: Bahamas


: 19 years old


: Gemini


  • IMG model
  • Very popular on Instagram, as you can see on our page


How tall is Chase Carter?175 cm / 5 ft 9 in
When was Chase Carter born?10 June 1997
How old is Chase Carter in 2017? 19 years
Where was Chase Carter born?Bahamas
Zodiac sign:Gemini
Hair color:Blonde
Eyes color:Blue

 Who is Chase Carter? / Facts   

  • She appeared in a "Maybelline New York" advertisement
  • One of her hobbies is javelin throwing
  • She has 2 brothers
  • She has an Youtube channel with her friend, Meredith Mickelson
  • She has a "sunny personality and upbeat attitude", according to >a href= rel=nofollow target=_blank>
  • She got scouted in an airport, when she visited her family in Sydney
  • She loves to eat burritos, tacos, guacamole, Nutella crepes, blueberry pancakes
  • He admires Lebron James, Robert Griffin the Third

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