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Amrish Puri
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Amrish Puri Wiki
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22 June 1932
Lahore, Pakistan
Lived: 72 years
Died: 12 January 2005

 Amrish Puri wiki   

  • Was an Indian actor (theatre and film)

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Real name:Amrish lal Puri

Amrish Puri height

How tall was Amrish Puri?188 cm / 6 ft 3 in    188 cm to feet and inches /  6 ft 3 in to cm
When was Amrish Puri born? / Birthday22 June 1932
When did Amrish Puri die? / Died12 January 2005
How many years did Amrish Puri live? / Lived72 years
Where was Amrish Puri born? / BirthplaceLahore, Pakistan
Where did Amrish Puri die? / Deathplace Mumbai, India
Zodiac sign:Cancer
Related celebs:Urmila Diveker, Madan Puri, Chaman Puri, Harish Singh Puri, Chandrakanta Mehra
Sexual orientation:Straight
Hair color:Grey
Eyes color:Brown

 Amrish Puri facts

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    Cancer celebrities Indian celebrities Born June 22 6 ft 3 in / 188 cm tall men Born today

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