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Ty Pozzobon
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Merritt, Canada
Died: 09 January 2017

 Ty Pozzobon wiki   

  • Canadian bull riding champion

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When did Ty Pozzobon die? / Died09 January 2017
Where was Ty Pozzobon born? / BirthplaceMerritt, Canada
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 Who is Ty Pozzobon? (Facts)   

  • He died at the age of 25, it seems due to head injuries 
  • He was the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) 2016 Canada champion, a three-time qualifier at the Canadian Finals Rodeo and a four-time PBR world finalist
  • PBR Canada Champion
    PBR Canada Finals Champion
    4X PBR World Finals Qualifer 
    3X CFR Qualifier
    5X PBR Canada Qualifier
    Canadian Season Leader
    Tour Champion

 Ty Pozzobon education   

  • Odessa College, Texas
  • Merritt Secondary School
Source: Wikipedia, social media accounts, users content. Last update: 11 January 2017
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