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Greta Van Susteren
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Greta Van Susteren Wiki
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11 June 1954
Appleton, Wisconsin, United States
62 years old

 Greta Van Susteren wiki   

  • American commentator and TV news anchor for NBC News

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Real name:Greta Conway Van Susteren

Greta Van Susteren height

How tall is Greta Van Susteren?160 cm / 5 ft 3 in    160 cm to feet and inches »
When was Greta Van Susteren born? / Birthday11 June 1954

Greta Van Susteren age

How old is Greta Van Susteren in 2017? 62 years
Where was Greta Van Susteren born? / BirthplaceAppleton, Wisconsin, United States
Zodiac sign:Gemini
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 Greta Van Susteren facts

     Greta Van Susteren education   

    • University of Wisconsin–Madison
    • Georgetown University
    • Georgetown University Law Center
    • Xavier High School Appleton
    Source: Wikipedia, social media accounts, users content. Last update: 06 January 2017
    Gemini celebrities American celebrities Born June 11 5 ft 3 in / 160 cm tall women Born today

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